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A Free Mind Leads to Better Work

We provide a platform that solves the challenges of maintaining a strong company culture for newly remote companies. We want to encourage positive mental health in employees

Maintaining Strong Company Culture

Who we are

We are a mobile app and web platform that solves the challenges of maintaining a strong company culture for newly remote companies! Making sure every employee, regardless of where they work from, feels like they have a community that cares about them and they are proud to be a part of.


Our Vision

Companies that have turned to remote or hybrid work environments will continue to grow and foster their culture better than before! We want to bridge the gap for those who miss face-to-face interaction and pray for less zoom happy hours. Connection is the name of the game. MindGoal will help employees develop relationships and stay in-touch informally throughout the work week. Communicate seamlessly, and recognize each other in an online space. dedicated to celebrating employees and encourage innovation.

Our Mission

Better connect employees navigating a remote or hybrid work environment and need the source of human interaction an in-person job would naturally provide. We think bridging this gap will encourage other companies to continue to go remote and give their employees freedom to do their work how and wherever they want. We think MindGoal will enable businesses to push employees to succeed in their roles while also pursuing what matters to them in life. The new mantra is no longer “live to work”, but “work to live the life you want wherever you want to be”.

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Providing the Right Care at the Right Time

MindGoal is uniquely customizable to fit exactly what you want your company culture to look like in a virtual environment. We can work with you develop what you want to. Our entire goal is create a space that is effective for you and your team.

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We are a Community that Cares About Your Employees

Join our community of users to share what practices work for you! Look for new ideas and/or share your thoughts.

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