What we provide

Maintaing Strong Connection

We provide a platform that solves the challenges of maintaining a strong company culture for newly remote companies. We want to encourage positive mental health in employees


Whatever content matters to your company, you can share it here! If you value mental health, share a helpful podcast that resonated with you. If your company values physical fitness, share your steps for the week and compete amongst each other. Your company culture is specific to you, help us customize MindGoal to fit your unique needs.


Use regular surveys to get the pulse of your organization. This feature is a great stepping stone for managers trying to define what culture fits their employees’ needs.


Share videos to colleagues
Calendar function to show you available and upcoming events
Fast and casual chats that delete after 15 minutes
ERG, Happy Hours, etc. Informal meetings are held here.
Peer to Peer Recognition
Teams can give each other recognition on jobs well done.

Video Content

Create or share video content with one another in your personal timeline! It’s simple! Add a link to the necessary content, and a MindGoal administrator at your company will review your submitted content and decide when to share it.


Share videos created to motivate and encourage your team! You can make your own content or share videos that impacted you.


Help new hires become acclimated to your online work environment. Share videos explaining how to do introductory tasks and make onboarding quick and easy!


Mental and physical health are equally important, and you can help your employees maintain that mindset too! Share helpful fitness or mental health advice videos to make sure your team prioritizes themselves too.


Share videos to help your employees succeed in their positions and even graduate to promotions. You can easily give your employees the tools and knowledge to become more successful.


Coordinate and plan company events in one central location. Employees can sign up for guest speaker presentations, employee resource groups, virtual events etc. Whatever event you want to create online for your employees, this is where you can organize it all.

Schedule events, keep track of work anniversaries & birthdays
Coordinate meetings for ERG's, clubs or any occasion
For short informal conversations, no need to worry about having a camera on


Assigning tasks to employees keeps them engaged.


Regularly survey employees to understand what they’re struggling with, what’s really working and what kind of support they need.


Encourage online interaction among employees! Be present online in any way you define it. Whether it’s a virtual high-five for a job well done, sharing good news or posting a picture of your daily walk route, your employees will benefit from interacting informally with one another!


Post questions or open-ended discussions about concepts, ideas, operations, events etc! Employees have the option to respond anonymously and bring new perspective and ideas to your company!


Rank and recognize employees who go out of their way to interact with one another! The leaderboard can help employees know where they stand and how they can improve.

Interacting with one another helps build camaraderie!
Reward & Recognition
Recognize and reward employees when they are doing excellent work!
Keep employees engaged with a fun spin on virtual interaction

Where are we ?

We practice what we preach. MindGoal is a completely remote company that stays connected via our MindGoal platform! Employees can be anywhere in the world and continue to complete work without skipping a beat. The freedom MindGoal gives employees is the reason we do what we do.

Share Where You are with Employees

Celebrate that you can be anywhere in the world while working for a remote company! Share an image of you on your computer on the beach, at a mountain home, in the carpool line or even from your grandparent’s house! Your day is decided by you. Share what matters to you and who you are outside of work.

HR Personnel

File Complaint
Having an issue? Report it in a virtual complaint box!
Have a stroke of genius? Share it!
Organize your received and sent suggestions, complaints, messages or votes.
Your opinion matters! Submit your position on company polls.