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A Four-Step, Data-Driven Approach

Aligning Your Mission and Values

Once you make the decision to work with MindGoal, the first thing we’ll do together is go over your company values – and don’t worry if you haven’t settled on what those values are. Our team of experts will gladly help you determine what attitudes and beliefs you want your company to embody.

From there, we’ll take a deep dive into each specific value and create content and activities that promote it. For example, if your company values giving back to the community, we might share an article about fitting volunteer work into a busy schedule, send surveys asking what causes your employees care most about, or host a value-based competition with the prize being a cash donation to the winner’s charity of choice.

Continue Building Culture.

A strong organization is always evolving, so company discovery is an ongoing process. Our culture consulting experts will regularly send out surveys to ensure our efforts continue to align with your values.

Building Your Culture Strategy

Once we have a clear idea of your values and what you are hoping to achieve, the next step is to begin building a strategy. Since every organization is starting from a different place, has different culture needs, and utilizes different modes of communication, we’ll customize every aspect of the culture-building strategy to your company’s individual needs.

In most cases, we recommend a combination of events, messages (sharing articles, questions, podcasts, etc.), challenges, and competitions. The frequency of each activity can be adjusted based on your budget and what your company benefits most from.

Continue Building Culture.

After we’ve tailored a strategy for your organization, we’ll present it to you for approval before moving on to implementation, and we’ll continue to do this as the strategy evolves.

Implementing Your Culture Strategy

After the employee experience consulting and strategizing stages of the process, the next step is to put the plan into action. This stage will look different depending on what activities and communications you choose to employ, but regardless, our experts will ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Your dedicated MindGoal professional will manage the content calendar, removing the guesswork around what content will be sent out and when. We’ll share prompts and questions, work with you to plan exciting events, and curate content to send to your employees based on their interests and the company’s values.

Continue Building Culture.

Your MindGoal consultant will regularly gather feedback and input to ensure the activities and content we plan are relevant, engaging, and fun for your employees.

Get Access to Our Data Center

Implementing a culture-building strategy is only half the battle – just as important is gathering data. By consistently monitoring the company’s progress, it’ll be much easier to know which elements of the culture strategy are working and which need to be adjusted.

With MindGoal, you don’t have to worry about tracking this essential data. We’ll record everything you need to know about your progress in a comprehensive data center, including information on employee engagement, productivity, satisfaction, wellbeing, and even burnout indicators. With all of this data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to proactively shift your plan as needed.

Continue Building Culture.

Culture isn’t fixed; it evolves. With continuous data collection and a flexible culture strategy, you’ll be able to build a culture that adapts to your employees’ changing needs.

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