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A Four-Step, Data-Driven Approach

Aligning Your Mission and Values

Once you make the decision to work with MindGoal, the first thing our team will do is conduct comprehensive employee interviews. We aim to gather data on a wide range of perspectives by interviewing employees from different departments, levels of experience, and tenures at your company. These employee interviews are intended to be a deep dive into how your company’s culture operates, exposing possible pain points and areas that will require the most attention. Questions asked during these conversations could be, “What is your least favorite part of the company’s culture?” or “Do you feel that you are asked for feedback often?”


During company discovery, we’ll also work with your culture leaders to define your company mission and values—and don’t worry if you haven’t settled on what those values are. Our team of experts will gladly help you determine what attitudes and beliefs you want your company to embody. The information discovered through interviewing employees and auditing your mission and values will be used to help our team develop a custom culture strategy for your company.


Continue Building Culture.

A strong organization is always evolving, so company discovery is an ongoing process. Our employee experience consulting experts will regularly send out surveys to ensure our efforts continue to align with your values.

Building Your Culture Strategy

Once we have a clear idea of your values, the employee experience at your company, and where pain points exist in your current culture the next step is to begin uniquely crafting culture strategies. Our objective is to integrate these strategies with your current structure and workflows to seamlessly transform your culture without demanding your employees radically change the way they work. 


Types of strategies include:

  • Employee engagement programs and data tracking
  • Leadership development training to promote a consistent approach to management
  • Employee satisfaction and well-being surveys to keep a pulse on your employees
  • Facilitation of team-building events that interest your people
  • Creation of employee profiles that allow you to better understand your workforce so that you can meaningfully manage, appreciate, and hire employees who will fit into your organization


Continue Building Culture.

After we’ve tailored a strategy for your organization, we’ll present it to you for approval before moving on to implementation, and we’ll continue to do this as the strategy evolves.

Implementing Your Culture Strategy

The next step is to put the plan into action. This stage will look different depending on the activities and communications we develop for your organization, and since we are always evaluating our efforts and tweaking our strategies, the Implementation stage never truly ends once it’s begun. 


Throughout Implementation, you can expect full-time attention and dedication to your employees, exceptional support from our staff, and real-time visibility into the health of your company culture. We’ll also continue to work with you to identify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and design new initiatives to improve employee well-being, productivity, and retention.


Continue Building Culture.

Your MindGoal consultant will regularly gather feedback and input to ensure the activities and content we plan are relevant, engaging, and fun for your employees.

Tracking Progress & Gaining Insights

Implementing culture-building strategies is only half the battle—you also need to be assured they’re actually working. MindGoal prides itself on providing our customers with unprecedented visibility into your company’s culture data. We’ll record everything you need to know about our progress, giving you insight into changes in employee engagement, productivity, satisfaction, wellbeing, and even burnout indicators.



By consistently monitoring your company’s progress, it’ll be much easier to know which components of your culture strategy are working and which need to be adjusted. We will also constantly evaluate our efforts and pivot as needed to ensure your culture remains vibrant and value-aligned.


Continue Building Culture.

Culture isn’t fixed; it evolves. With continuous data collection and a flexible culture strategy, we’ll build a culture that adapts to your employees’ changing needs.

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