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The Science Behind It

Empowered Employees are Happier Employees

The MindGoal approach is a scientifically-backed, data-centric approach, that utilizes your company’s data to plan events and benefits that will increase employee happiness the most. With in-depth data reporting, we’ll have all of the information we need to make real, impactful changes to your company culture. 

Creating a culture of empowerment – one that encourages active employee participation – can be a big shift. We’ll collect robust data and help create custom surveys to find out what your employees are interested in doing, how engaged they are, and where your culture can improve, giving you the knowledge you need to tailor your culture-building activities to your organization’s needs.


In order to increase employee happiness, we first need to know where you stand. We’ll gauge current employee satisfaction, management satisfaction, and employee interests so we can make a game plan moving forward.


We’ll help you come up with an Employee Health Score based on weighted productivity and cultural alignment metrics so we can identify where pain points exist and tackle them before employees start to churn.


MindGoal works closely with your HR team to identify your core values, build content that works for your communication tool of choice, and schedule content when it would best benefit your employees.


We’ll record engagement metrics such as survey responses, event participation, and overall satisfaction so we can double down on the things that are working, and change the things that aren’t.

Science-Backed Approaches to Engagement

We collaborated with researchers at top universities to build a data-based curriculum that can be tailored to the needs of any organization.


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Case Study

Secret Pandas: How We Decreased Turnover at AssetPanda by 87%

MindGoal helped Asset Panda create a virtual company culture that fosters employee engagement, mental wellness, and job satisfaction. Learn how we facilitated the process!

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