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A Four-Step, Data-Driven Approach

Aligning Your Mission and Values

Set Your Goals and Values
Your first meeting with MindGoal focuses on identifying your company’s specific needs and objectives. Our culture experts collaborate with your team to clarify your mission and values. If you’re still figuring those out, we’re here to help.


Integrate With Existing Tools
We’ll also discuss how MindGoal’s solutions can seamlessly integrate with your current tools and technologies. Our aim is to automate your culture management, freeing you and your leadership from extra effort.


Continue Building Culture

A strong organization is always evolving, so company discovery is an ongoing process. Our culture solution experts regularly send out surveys to gather data on a wide range of perspectives and ensure our efforts continue to align with your values.

Building Your Culture Strategy

Craft Your Custom Plan
After pinpointing your goals, employee experience, and cultural challenges, we collaborate with you to craft a custom strategy. Our focus is on blending this strategy effortlessly with your existing operations, aiming for cultural change without disrupting your team’s workflow.


Your Tailored Solution Will Include:

  • Culture Communication Strategy
  • Team-Building Experiences
  • Employee Gifting
  • Culture Assessments
  • Internal surveys
  • Award and recognition programs
  • Company event planning
  • Culture Health Score reporting (combining all culture metrics and providing real-time reports of the cultural health of your teams)


Continue Building Culture

After we’ve tailored a strategy for your organization, we’ll present it to you for approval before moving on to implementation, and we’ll continue to do this as the strategy evolves.

Implementing Your Culture Strategy

Activate Your Culture Plan
We’ll integrate the tailored solutions into your existing tools and processes, automating your company culture to run effortlessly. This ongoing stage adapts to the unique activities and communications we create for your organization.


Continue Building Culture

Our team will capture data, monitor key metrics, and collate employee feedback to refine strategies and produce results. Doing this helps us identify your organizational strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to design new initiatives that boost employee well-being, productivity, and retention.

Tracking Progress & Gaining Insights

Always Here for You
Our culture consulting team is always available for any questions or concerns. We offer continuous tracking and data-driven insights to ensure your culture thrives and evolves.


Real-Time Visibility
MindGoal grants you unparalleled access to your culture metrics. We track engagement, productivity, satisfaction, well-being, and burnout indicators to keep you informed and to measure the effectiveness of your strategy.


Continue Building Culture

Culture isn’t static—it evolves. We continually assess what’s working and what needs fine-tuning, pivoting our strategies as needed to keep your culture vibrant and aligned with your values. With ongoing data collection and customization, we ensure your culture adapts to your team’s changing needs.

Request custom pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our culture solution services designed to meet the needs of any organization, whether you have 5 employees or 5,000.