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A Four-Step, Data-Driven Approach

Current Culture Assessment

  • Core Values and Culture Vision Assessment: We start our process by collaborating with your organization’s leadership team to understand their core values, desired cultural attributes, and areas where they perceive gaps in their current culture.
  • Representative Employee Interviews: We then conduct comprehensive interviews with a diverse cross-section of employees, chosen for being strong embodiments of the company’s culture. This includes individuals from various departments, backgrounds, and levels of tenure.
  • Culture Pain Points Identification: Next, our culture experts begin analyzing the feedback from these interviews alongside other cultural indicators to identify existing pain points and areas where the organization’s culture may not align with its core values or desired state.


This phase is critical in laying the foundation for a targeted and effective cultural transformation, ensuring that subsequent strategies are aligned with the organization’s core values and desired cultural framework.

Building Your Culture Health Score Formula

  • Custom Culture Health Score Development: Our team then begins constructing a tailored Culture Health Score formula that aligns with the organization’s specific cultural goals, using insights from Phase 1. Below is an example of a Culture Health Score Formula.

    EX: (Recognition Program Use + Pulse Survey Response + Training Completion = Culture Health Score)

  • Executive Collaboration and Approval: We then proceed by presenting the proposed Culture Health Score formula to the executive team for review, discussion, and approval, ensuring it resonates with the leadership’s vision and expectations. During this phase, we can also customize the weight of each culture health score variable specific to your organization’s values and goals.
  • Communication Strategy Planning: Our team will then begin crafting a comprehensive strategy for effectively communicating the Culture Health Score to the entire organization, emphasizing the leadership’s endorsement to ensure wide acceptance and engagement. If a portion of your Culture Health Score is a pulse survey, we will also determine the communication strategy for that in this phase.

Implementing Your Culture Strategy

  • Frequency and Recipient Identification: This process involved defining the frequency of data collection and pinpointing the specific stakeholders who will receive the Culture Health Score reports. This step ensures that the data collected is not only timely but also reaches the right hands for impactful decision-making.
  • Privacy and Anonymity Protocols: MindGoal implements a strict privacy measure where individual employee data is collected for reporting purposes but will never disclose the names of employees in a report. Additionally, setting a protocol to not report a Culture Health Score for teams or departments with 2 or fewer members to protect individual anonymity.
  • Customization and White Labeling of Reports: Our team then adapts the report format and design to align with your organization’s branding for a cohesive look and feel. This customization extends to the frequency and style of the reports to suit the organizational communication cadence.

Analyze, Report, and Continuously Improve Cultural Health

Always Here for You
Our culture consulting team is always available for any questions or concerns.

  • Data Analysis and Insight Generation: Analyzing the data collected via the Culture Health Score tool to uncover deep insights into the organization’s cultural health.
  • Benchmarking and Improvement Recommendations: Comparing departmental scores, identifying best practices, and suggesting improvements for cultural alignment. We will also present a company-wide culture health score report with the most notable culture pain points for you to target.
  • Iterative Strategy and Feedback Loop: Regularly revising strategies based on feedback and evolving organizational needs for ongoing cultural development.

Real-Time Visibility
MindGoal provides unparalleled insights into your company’s culture metrics, offering powerful tools to predict and prevent turnover. Our data-driven approach enhances employee experiences, paving the way for a world-class organizational culture.

Continue Building Culture

Culture isn’t static—it evolves. We continually assess what’s working and what needs fine-tuning, pivoting our strategies as needed to keep your culture aligned with your values. With ongoing data collection and customization, we ensure your culture adapts to your team’s changing needs.

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