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Uncontrolled and Weak Culture Damages Organizations

Organizations With Poor Cultures Risk Losing 90% of Their Employees

MindGoal’s Culture Health Score tool revolutionizes the way you understand and enhance your company’s culture. Through a blend of targeted surveys and analysis of your recognition programs, we pinpoint key areas within your workplace that need attention. It’s not just about identifying issues – our tool provides actionable insights, leading to a more engaged workforce and effectively reducing staff turnover.

Our tool doesn’t just highlight problems; it also predicts where you might lose staff in the future. By looking at patterns in feedback and recognition, we can spot teams that might be struggling. This gives you a chance to fix issues before they lead to bigger problems, like losing valuable employees. With MindGoal, you get clear insights and practical steps to build a stronger, more united team.


The Discovery phase involves a deep analysis of your organization’s culture. We review your values, policies, and current engagement strategies. The resulting Baseline Report outlines your cultural landscape, setting the groundwork for specific, impactful improvements. This report is tailored to highlight your unique cultural environment and guide the next steps of the process.

Assessment and Analysis

Combining Assessment and Analysis, this phase focuses on gathering and interpreting employee feedback through tailored surveys. The Comprehensive Cultural Assessment report provides an in-depth look at employee perceptions and engagement levels, identifying key cultural strengths and areas for improvement. This report blends raw data with insightful analysis, maintaining individual anonymity while offering valuable organizational insights.

Culture Health Score Implementation

In this phase, we implement the Culture Health Score tool within your organization. We develop a customized formula based on your specific values and feedback data. The Initial Culture Health Score gives you a clear, quantifiable measure of your current cultural health across different departments, offering a baseline for tracking future improvements.

Reporting and Insights

Once the Culture Health Score is in place, you will receive Monthly Culture Health Score Reports. These reports detail the scores for each department, offering comparative insights and identifying trends over time. They include actionable recommendations tailored to each department’s specific needs, ensuring targeted and effective cultural improvements.

Ongoing Tracking and Support

MindGoal provides ongoing support and tracking of your Culture Health Score metrics. Continuous Improvement Reports are provided regularly, showing the progress made over time and highlighting the efficacy of implemented strategies. These reports are crucial for sustaining improvements, adjusting strategies as needed, and continuously fostering a healthy and dynamic company culture.

Proven Methodology for Transformative Results

MindGoal's approach is grounded in proven data analysis techniques, delivering a reliable and effective strategy tailored to elevate organizational culture and drive meaningful engagement, retention, and revenue growth.


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