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Scorecard Your Culture

At MindGoal, we believe that core values truly come to life when they're linked to the actions your team takes. That's why our Culture Scorecard solution tracks what your team does and how they feel, helping you create a workplace where everyone feels connected, accountable, and inspired by the values we share.

Boost Employee Well-Being

Fuel your team with a culture strategy uniquely crafted for them.

Reduce Turnover

Create a workplace your people won't want to leave.

Increase Productivity

Unlock profitability through happier, more productive teams with MindGoal.

Manage Your People with Ease

With our intuitive Culture Scorecard solution, you can effortlessly understand your people and target culture pain points before they cost you money.

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    • MindGoal has made it okay to reach out to someone for a mental health break and ask others if they’re doing okay. It’s now part of our culture to recognize people, celebrate people, and show that they are loved.

      Rex Kurzius
      CEO, AssetPanda
    • “Can’t recommend highly enough MindGoal and Sophie on driving results to your bottom line by fostering culture and a fun but yet very productive workforce! Thanks for all your help at Pegasus to drive our culture and core values to a higher level!”

      Carlos Gonzalez-Compte
      Managing Director, Pegasus Logistics Group

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