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MindGoal Brings Your Company Values to Life

At MindGoal, we believe that you'll find a set of well-defined and celebrated values at the center of any thriving company culture. When we work with our clients to build a values-based culture, we see employee engagement rise, turnover decline, and productivity skyrocket.

27% Increase in Employee Engagement

By giving employees more opportunities to form strong social bonds, MindGoal has increased employee engagement for our clients, which in turn, positively impacts morale.

34% Increase in Team-Building Event Attendance

Have you found it difficult to convince employees to participate in your company culture? By facilitating activities that excite your employees, MindGoal helps you build stronger teams.

27% Increase in Revenue Growth Per Employee

Happier, more engaged employees will be more productive. MindGoal's clients have seen this increased productivity translate into real-world profit growth for their companies.

In a WFH World, Communication-Building = Culture-Building

Whether you manage an in-person, hybrid, or remote team, you use an arsenal of tools to get work done everyday. MindGoal utilizes these existing communication pathways to lay the groundwork for your company culture management. No need to learn a new system or migrate employees to a new platform.


MindGoal creates and manages Slack channels based on your employees’ specific interests. We share value-aligned content, daily prompts, employee trivia and spotlights, and much more.

Microsoft Teams

Within Microsoft Teams, MindGoal creates channels around the topics your employees find the most engaging, and share prompts, content, and other opportunities to interact that promote your values.


MindGoal connects your team in the Microsoft environment. Here, we send content, update shared calendars with group events, and encourage company-wide engagement.

Google Chat

MindGoal brings your employees together with tailor-made Spaces that are designed to boost employee engagement. We curate posts and media to share and bring everyone together with interactive events.


MindGoal engages with your video and conference calling application to share content and seamlessly track engagement metrics.

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    • MindGoal has made it okay to reach out to someone for a mental health break and ask others if they’re doing okay. It’s now part of our culture to recognize people, celebrate people, and show that they are loved.

      Rex Kurzius
      CEO, AssetPanda

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