Entrenching Positivity in Employees

Maintaining Strong Company Culture

We provide a platform that solves the challenges of maintaining a strong company culture for newly remote companies. We want to encourage positive mental health in employees

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Share : Create Your Own Content in a Feed Format
Tasks : Mental Health Check-Ins, Photo Challenges,
Ranking : Involvement, and Reward & Recognition
Where are We? : Share Where You Are With Employees
Connect : Via Video, Events, Messaging, Meetings, etc
Video Content : Motivational, Educational, Job Training...
Calendar : Events, Calls & Meetings
Who we are

Motivate, recognize and encourage employees in remote and hybrid work environments

You set an example for your employees with your company culture. Outside of the office, this still applies. Continue to build and grow relationships between employees and managers alike. Foster the culture you choose, and give your team the resources to be cohesive without ever meeting in person.

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